Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Tiger Factor is a Reality

The Tiger Factor is a Reality

Tiger Returns to PGA at Bridgestone Invitational

I had a media invitation at this years' Bridgestone Invitational, which took place at Firestone Country Club in August 2011, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how packed the galleries were. Even more surprising was the eagerness with which the crowd at Bridgestone Invitational followed Tiger Wood's group at the event. Regardless of his absence from the sport and no new wins to add to his accolades, many for his past performances still undeniably revere him.

A representative of Bridgestone Invitational stated that when the news of Tiger's appearance was confirmed, the registration and attendance more than doubled their projection before his announcement.

Tiger Woods continues to draw crowds in golf events and is still a favorite among the young and old alike. While I am sure the recent upheaval in his personal life has affected his game, the intense focus that has made him legendary was still present. Tiger is a competitive golfer and should not be written off yet. My prediction is that in the very near future we will see Tiger win some major games and regain his prominence in golfing.

The controversy surrounding the firing of his caddy became a news item at the end of the tournament. When Mr. Williams was asked how he felt, his comment, according to most observers and media present was,” A bit over the top.” Nevertheless, Tiger Woods has taken the high road in his nasty split with caddy Steve Williams by refusing to engage in negativity and instead offered his congratulations to the winner, Adam Scott and his caddy for a well deserved win.

Tiger is a phenomenon in world and PGA golf and he will continue to attract huge attendances wherever he goes. Let us hope he starts adding a winning streak on his column to reward his fans and enthusiasts.

Special Sport Report by Peter Wairegi, AALM Publisher

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