Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This is MY Vote 2012

Knowing that one person can make a difference. Believing in universal access to health care. Eliminating the practices of mass incarceration and racial profiling.

Those are just a few of the motivations I carry with me every day—as an activist, as a champion of justice, and as a voter. And as election season nears, these three causes will move me to mark my ballot with pride.

What inspires you to go to the voting booth? Share your message of Why You Vote with the NAACP and inspire someone else to be heard at the ballot box:


The most recent attacks on the voting rights of people of color are unlike anything experienced in the past 100 years. They serve as a stark reminder that our enemies want nothing more than to reverse the progress of our ancestors.

In the past century, our parents and grandparents stood united in their mission to be heard through democracy's greatest power: The Vote. And the opposition buckled under the power of their strength.

Join me in honoring the NAACP's tradition of activism and perseverance by defending our right to vote. Tell us Why You Vote today:


In celebrating our history, I have not forgotten that our enemies have a legacy of their own—one of intolerance and hatred. But we have overcome their opposition in the past and we will triumph again because justice is on our side.
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