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Mercedes-Benz CLA, Chevrolet Silverado & BMW i3
Winners to be honored at the 18th Annual Urban Wheel Awards
DETROIT, Mich., November 20, 2013 - Decisive Media has announced "The 2014 Urban Vehicles of the Year" by a panel of independent automotive journalists specializing in enthusiast and consumer automotive content. Winners will be honored at the 18th Annual Urban Wheel Awards (UWA), the official multicultural event of the North American International Auto Show, on January 12, 2014, at the Marriott Renaissance hotel, Detroit, MI.

The UWA judging panel spent several months determining the most stylish, practical, and attainable new vehicles for 2014 by driving and evaluating dozens of cars and trucks in a variety of North American urban settings before settling on the three winners. 

The Urban Vehicles of The Year are promoted in jointly coordinated multimedia campaigns by the three winning companies, Decisive Media, UWA's organization and media partners, multicultural and mainstream media including international business media, social media, automotive, online car buying services, as well as auto trade groups. One of the first vehicle awards announced each year, the Urban Vehicles of the Year have consistently honored cars and trucks in the last seven years that went on dominate many other top awards. 

Produced by Decisive Media, the awards have also earned the trust of many auto dealerships who use the auto consumer and multicultural content to attract car buyers. Decisive Media launched its first magazine introducing consumer automotive content for the growing multicultural market in July 1995 and also entered digital media by becoming the first automotive print magazine in the United States to launch a website. Complimentary subscriptions of Decisive magazine and a Decisive Latino are available online at www.decisivemagazine.com and www.decisivelatino.com, which is accessible on all contemporary mobile platforms.  

The 2014 Urban Vehicles of the Year winners are: 

Urban Car of the Year: Mercedes-Benz CLA
Runners-up: Chevrolet Impala and Toyota Corolla

According to UWA juror and syndicated automotive reviewer Arv Voss of Auto Impressions: "The 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA lacks nothing in terms of outstanding performance attributes and sexy, visual magnetism. It was designed to take one's breath away, and does so effortlessly. Further, the CLA comes equipped, not stripped. This new four-door coupe easily qualifies as a new star in what is already an impressive Mercedes-Benz stable." 

Freelance reviewer Joe Tralongo said: "In the past, Mercedes-Benz's attempts to create a cool, sub $30K entry-level car have met with mixed results. But, with the introduction of the stunning CLA sedan, Mercedes-Benz's luck may have just taken a turn for the better. Aggressive styling, decent performance and available AWD make the CLA an easy car to live with year round. Toss in the panache of owning a car adorned with the three-point hood ornament for about the same price as a nicely equipped more prosaic offering, and the CLA begins to look like an upwardly mobile ladder climber's dream come true."

Urban Truck of the Year: Chevrolet Silverado
Runners-up: Hyundai Santa Fe and Range Rover Sport

UWA juror and freelance automotive reviewer Mary Chapman said of the Silverado: "The new Chevrolet Silverado's exterior lines are cleaner and squarer, and set off by just the right amount of tasteful bling. An absolutely beautiful truck, the Silverado's also undergone a host of structural upgrades, making it even more robust. Further, it can be fitted with three engines, including a new, remarkably efficient 4.3-liter V6 with 285 horses. This new Chevrolet displays improved performance all around."

Freelance reviewer Mark Elias said: "GM continues to refine its bread and butter pickup truck. In highline crew cab trim, it is fully capable as a utility vehicle. But it's also so good, it can go from being the second vehicle in the garage to the ONLY vehicle in the garage."

Urban Green Vehicle of the Year: BMW i3
Runners-up: Cadillac ELR and Honda Accord Hybrid

Of the BMW i3, UWA juror and freelance automotive reviewer Christopher Jackson said: " The BMW i3 is a serious effort to infuse a premium brand with a "green" heritage. The BMW i3 is as stylish as it is environment-friendly and high-tech."

Mary Chapman said: "BMW's first from scratch all-electric production car is touted to have a range of up to 100 miles, attain the equivalent of 93 mpg, and get from zero to 60 in seven seconds. Further, with its light-weight carbon body and dried-grass composite instrument panel, the all-new BMW electric car takes the notion of being "green" quite literally."

The multicultural/multi-gender Urban Vehicles of the Year judging panel is comprised of some of the most notable and respected automotive reviewers in the country. The panel also includes: Motorweek's Yolanda Vazquez, Frank Washington of AboutThatCar.com, Camilo Alfaro of Autoproyecto, and Ken Panton of eCityofStyle.

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