Tuesday, November 19, 2013

BITEME launches Kickstarter Campaign 2013

One of New York's favorite shrunken desserts is growing and wants to take
everyone along for the journey. 


New York, NY (November 6, 2013)--- The growth of BITEME Cheesecakes has become a movement and with the recent launch of their ‘Kickstarter’ campaign, the brand is putting the power in the hands of consumers.

In early 2012, Justice Hall and Tyreece Johnson began selling BITEME on the waterfront of Brooklyn at the famous Smorgasburg, within time BITEME Cheesecakes was catering to corporate events, being sold at local NYC cafes and even landing BITEME a feature on Ina Garten's “The Barefoot Contessa,” on the Food Network.

Now almost two years later their manual technique of making the divine cheesecakes can no longer keep up with the growing demand and is being sought after by New Yorkers and those visiting New York on a daily basis. “For the past year we have been scouting downtown Manhattan to find BITEME a home. We've worked with realtors and found tons of small "very small" locations that could work with our small BITEME theme. Our idea is to have a "Express shop" a place were our cakes are delivered from our production kitchen to our store.”

With less than 40 days left on their Kickstarter Campaign, BITEME is committed to becoming 100% funded and is asking for everyone’s help to do so. Beyond just helping fellow entrepreneurs achieve their goals, the BITEME team is inciting a ‘call to action’ to help create jobs. Creating jobs for bakers, designers, manufactures, delivery people and a sales team, not only in New York, but also their hometown of Flint Michigan and ultimately across the nation. The various packages BITEME has crafted for Kickstarter are sensational, spanning from personalized certificates and souvenir buttons to t-shirts, cheesecakes, sponsored events and even the opportunity to create your own flavor.

In addition, the Kickstarter cheesecake packages are offering an increased savings as opposed to ordering them via the website (www.bitemecheesecakes.com). BITEME's pride is in their creative bite size approach to one of America’s favorite desserts, their hard work ethic, their unique/delicious flavors and their lifelong commitment to providing their customers the best cheesecakes ever. We encourage everyone to join the movement, spread the word and pledge.

About the BITEME: 
The idea of BITEME Cheesecakes was birthed from the creative visual of Co-Founder/Brand Director, Justice Hall and the culinary talents of co-founder/Culinary Artist Tyreece Johnson. The two were long time friends from Flint, Michigan, who happen to relocate to the Big Apple to pursue their careers. It was the popular cupcake craze that was sweeping the bakery fronts of New York City that connected the idea. Tyreece was well-known for his famous one of a kind cheesecakes and Justice had the vision of branding the cheesecake to a bite size treat. Tyreece and Justice decided to rent a kitchen to see where this dream could take them. Before they knew it BITEME Cheesecakes was no longer a dream but a company.

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